British Museum

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The British Museum in London England contains a massive collection of antiquities.

Treasures from around the world can be found in Britain's largest and most popular museum.  To top it off, admission to the British Museum is free of charge.

Due to the museum's enormous size, visitors should prioritize what they wish to see.  One "must see" is the Rosetta Stone - a key puzzle piece in the recorded history of humankind.

British Museum in London England
British Museum, London England

The British Museum is partitioned into the following subject areas:

  1. Africa
  2. Americas
  3. Ancient Near East
  4. Asia
  5. Britain and Europe
  6. Enlightenment Gallery
  7. Egypt
  8. Greece & Rome
  9. Living and Dying
  10. Japan
  11. Money
  12. Temporary Exhibitions

The museum is located in the Bloomsbury district of London in London WC1.

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