Kensington-Knightsbridge District

London England Tourist Information and City Guide

The Kensington-Knightsbridge district of London England is situated 5 kilometers west of Trafalgar Square.

The community is home to some of London's most popular museums and several of its most exclusive department stores.

Famous London landmarks in Kensington include the following:

  1. Kensington Palace
  2. Royal Albert Hall

Other top tourist attractions include:

  1. Albert Memorial
  2. Harrods of London
  3. Wellington Arch
Hotels in the Kensington District of London England
Kensington, London England

The following museums are located in Kensington:

  1. Natural History Museum
  2. Science Museum
  3. Victoria and Albert Museum

Parks and gardens in the Kensington district include:

  1. Kensington Gardens
  2. Hyde Park

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